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Sealing of construction joints and predetermined crack joints - pressurised water-tight from the outside with the ProElast® system

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What does this product have to offer?

The reliable ProElast® system is an external sealing system for construction joints and predetermined crack cross-sections that withstands high water pressure.

Your advantages

Common applications are the subsequent sealing of component joints, cracks and crevices in cellars, shafts, containers, walls, plinths, but also roofs. You can watch the application of the ProElast® system in the product video.

Product details

The tested ProElast® system is an easy-to-apply, 2-part waterproofing system. It consists of the resistant ProElast® EPDM film and the strong InnoElast® adhesives and sealants. The ProElast® system is an external, strip-shaped sealant for construction and predetermined crack joints. In addition to its high water tightness, the system is characterised by high UV and weather resistance.
The ProElast® system benefits from the unique adhesion and processing properties of InnoElast®. This means that the system can already be applied from -3 ºC component temperature and on matt-damp substrates.

Areas of application of ProElast® system

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Questions and answers about the product

1. is the ProElast® film also available in other film widths than 30 cm?

Yes, the film is available up to a width of 170 cm on request.

2. when is the ProElast® system loadable?

The film adhesives harden with the moisture of the environment (from the air, concrete). With well-insulated, dry walls, it therefore takes longer for the system to cure completely in the middle of the film and at joints. With film widths of up to 50 cm, however, the system can be loaded to a limited extent after just one week.

3. can the ProElast® system be combined with the FlächenElast® S or V?

Yes, this is a good combination for large areas, as the FlächenElast® hardens quickly. The combination ProElast® for the corners, the edges and the transitions to the floor slab and the FlächenElast® S for sealing the large surfaces is a common, good combination.

4. how can large areas be laid with ProElast®?

To seal large areas with ProElast® , it is preferable to lay strips at fixed intervals. When the film adhesive has hardened to a large extent, the gaps are covered with further strips and thus closed.

5. the film can also be used with little or no adhesive.

Yes. The tested film can be used, for example, as a barrier membrane against rising damp in walls. The film can also be used to seal surfaces with loose laying or with edge bonding. The film is also available in film thicknesses other than 1 mm on request.

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