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Sealed Concrete with a Joint Tape for Construction and Predetermined Crack Joints - SynkoElast®

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What does this product have to offer?

SynkoElast® can be laid in fresh concrete (in-situ concrete) as well as on set concrete. A primer is then required for the latter. During concrete curing, the concrete and SynkoElast® tape bond together, stopping water penetration. The joint created between the concreting steps is sealed securely and permanently by the SynkoElast®.

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Technical information

SynkoElast® also seals concrete sections and can also be used as a subsequent sealant for construction joints. A SynkoElast® primer is available as an accessory for use with hardened concrete.

Product details

The waterproofing tape is used for waterproofing structural components made of waterproof in-situ concrete and element walls, for example in basements and underground garages. The construction joint tape does not swell when it comes into contact with water, so it can also be laid in the rain. It is thus also possible to connect narrow components without having to fear concrete spalling. SynkoElast® is so versatile that it can also be used in changing water levels and seals permanently.

SynkoElast® is generally tested by the building authorities up to a water pressure of 2 bar.

Fields of application of SynkoElast®

When used for general structural waterproofing and in accordance with the corresponding “WU Guideline”, the general test certificate of the MPA Braunschweig (P-6101/9650 MPA BS) issued by the building authorities must also be observed.

Application with fresh concrete

Synko Anwendung Frischbeton

Application for hardened concrete

Synko Anwendung Festbeton

Questions and answers about the product

1. does SynkoElast® quill or shrink?

No, because SynkoElast® is not a swelling tape and remains stable in its shape. It seals by creating a strong bond between the tape and the concrete.

Do I have to connect SynkoElast® to the reinforcement?

No, because SynkoElast® is pressed into the still fresh concrete during concreting.

What tools do I need to lay SynkoElast® in fresh concrete?

None. SynkoElast® can be easily pressed into the fresh concrete by hand.

4. Can I also apply SynkoElast® to the concrete afterwards?

Yes! A primer is applied to the concrete and, after flash-off, is heated to such an extent that the SynkoElast® fuses with the concrete when pressed onto it.

5. are there complementary products, such as predetermined crack profiles, that I can install in double walls?

Yes! There are two complementary products for SynkoElast®. The predetermined crack profiles for double walls and the stopend profiles for dividing large structural elements into small concreting sections.

6. at what temperatures can I install SynkoElast®?

SynkoElast® should, like concrete, be installed between +5°C and +35°C. SynkoElast® is slightly stiffer at low temperatures. Storing the tape at room temperature until shortly before installation makes it easier to process.

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