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Technologien und Beratung für den Betonbau - B.T. innovation

Energy-efficient & sustainable construction with concrete

B.T. innovation GmbH goes unusual ways in many places to make building easier, faster and more cost-effective. Sustainability is an essential component of our actions. Our approach is to create added value for our customers and our company while reducing our environmental footprint.

Our company name BT innovation communicates the claim we make on ourselves to develop products that have a strong innovative character and accelerate processes. In order to make the construction industry more sustainable, we are constantly researching the development of new technologies that enable resource-efficient construction in terms of resource efficiency – energy efficiency and material efficiency. With this innovative strength, we want to make a statement in terms of sustainability.

Our customers benefit from this. Since 1991, we have been working as an owner-managed medium-sized company on new patents and products for more efficiency in the precast plant and on the construction site.

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Our vision

BT innovation sees itself as a pioneer for innovative and future-oriented products: Our main tasks include developing new ideas, further developing existing ideas and using existing knowledge as a resource. The employees of BT innovation are keen to identify weaknesses in production and on the construction site and to resolve them by developing new products. Our goal is to simplify and speed up work processes with high-quality products that are user-friendly, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Environmental and social governance

We take our role in social responsibility seriously and want to lead by example. This applies equally to our business and social commitment. We want to avoid waste and create added value for our customers, employees, the environment and society.

With our example we want to show why research, innovation and technologies are so important to combine ecological, economic and sociological aspects in the building sector with the aim of making building more sustainable. In our work, we attach great importance to resource conservation, environmental protection and optimisation of the ecological and economic potential of the buildings.


Modular construction

The topic of modular construction is currently taking on an important role in the construction industry and will continue to do so in the future. BT innovation has developed a range of new products that are perfectly tailored to this trend. They accelerate the production of modular concrete components in the precast concrete plant and their installation on the construction site. The products are highly sophisticated and are usually offered as system solutions. BT innovation offers solutions for specific topics in concrete construction and enables companies to significantly increase the efficiency of their work processes in the medium and long term by using the highly specialised products. This creates clear cost advantages for our customers compared to conventional methods, and the use of prefabricated parts on the construction site reduces the number of transports, which in turn results in lower pollutant emissions and less noise pollution.

Award - Environmentally friendly building

On 29 October 2019, BT innovation was awarded as a role model for the economy in the field of “Energy-efficient environmentally friendly construction through an innovative product world” by the Magdeburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Magdeburg Chamber of Crafts and the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers. Find out more about our wide range of innovations for the construction industry here.

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