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Special solutions for sealing and bonding in caravan construction

BT innovation has also developed the one-component special MS polymer sealants and adhesives InnoElast® Type 1 and InnoElast® Type 2 for your bonding and sealing of various materials in vehicle and caravan construction. To carry out the waterproofing work on the motorhome, InnoElast® type 1. the sealant is softer than InnoElast® type 2 InnoElast® Type 2 is the right choice for bonding.

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Reliable sealing in vehicle and caravan construction

BT innovation products against water damage

All InnoElast® products for motorhomes are solvent and silicone-free, odourless, have excellent weathering and UV resistance, very low shrinkage and can also be used on damp substrates. Processing can already take place at -3°C and enables work up to 40°C component temperature. We supply our InnoElast® products for caravans, motor homes and caravans in 600 ml tubular bags. We wish you every success in repairing your caravan or restoring your caravan.

Advantages of InnoElast® Type 1

  • Solvent-free
  • low-shrinkage
  • Applicable on damp substrates from -3°C
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Permanently elastic
  • Up to 25% motion absorption
  • Applicable without primer

Advantages of InnoElast® Type 2

  • Solvent-free and low shrinkage
  • Applicable on damp substrates from -3°C
  • Weather and UV resistant, high resistance to chemicals
  • Permanently elastic
  • Up to 10% motion absorption
  • Applicable without primer
  • Pressure waterproof up to 0,48 bar
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InnoElast® is applied to a clean substrate, which must be free of dust, grease and oil. InnoElast® is filled on this by means of a tubular bag gun and then cures effectively. Curing is 2-3 mm per 24 h, at a room temperature of 23°C and humidity of 50%. The skin formation time is 2-3 hours for InnoElast® Type 1 and 15 minutes for InnoElast® Type 2 under the same conditions.

Instructions - Processing as a joint sealant

Heavy rain, thunderstorms or sleet showers are a major challenge, especially for older caravans. Often these forces of nature leave their mark on the caravan and you have to seal your caravan. If the side wall is wet or there is water in the shower tray in the bathroom, the edge trims are often leaking. InnoElast® Type 1 is particularly suitable for sealing the caravan. The sealant is slightly softer than InnoElast® Type 2 and is supplied in grey and white. After the old edge trims have been dismantled and the old adhesive has been completely removed, you can seal the trim piece to the caravan. Apply InnoElast® Type 1 liberally enough so that it swells out a little when the screws are tightened. You can then reinsert the sealing tapes into the profile with a plastic wedge. Waterproofing a motorhome is made easy!

The advantages of InnoElast® Type 1 when sealing edge trims on caravans:

  • Durable sealing as InnoElast® Type 1 does not shrink
  • Processing at temperatures from -3°C
  • High resistance
  • Very high adhesion to steel, metal and wood
  • Weather and UV resistant

You want to seal your caravan windows? Caravan owners often face the problem of water penetrating through the window frames. After dismantling the window and the frame, you should carefully clean both elements. InnoElast® Type 1 is used on cleaned substrates, which must be free of dust, grease and oil. InnoElast® Type 1 is then suitable for reliable sealing of the window. Spread the sealant evenly and generously over the frame and the edge of the window. During installation, however, you should immediately remove any material that is swelling out. This way you achieve an optimal result. Our special product InnoElast® Type 1 hardens to a soft-elastic mass and easily absorbs mechanical stresses. The skin formation time is approx. 2-3 hours, the through-hardening after 24 hours is 2-3 millimetres. We supply InnoElast® products for motorhomes in 600 ml tubular bags.

If moisture gets inside the caravan, there is a risk of mould or rust. As soon as the water is in the interior, it is often already too late for minor work on the roof of the motorhome. For this reason, you should seal leaking roofs at an early stage. The InnoElast® series is ideal for making your motorhome weatherproof again. High-quality sealant is especially important when sealing motorhomes. InnoElast® is UV and colour stable, very flexible to use and absolutely waterproof. After appropriate preparatory work, InnoElast® adheres to almost all substrates and is available in the colours grey and white. The special products from B.T. innovation become a soft-elastic mass and easily absorb mechanical stresses. With the InnoElast® series, you can also reliably seal windows, roof hatches or edge strips in the motor home. In short: You can seal your entire motorhome!

The advantages of the InnoElast® series:

  • Versatile
  • Good spraying capacity
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • High chemical resistance
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