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certified and tested

High-quality and individual products

Sealants and Waterproofing

Simple and cost-efficient sealing on almost all substrates, even when moisture and low temperatures are present. Proven and approved a thousand times over.

Connecting Systems

Modern, easy to apply technologies for fast and effective assembly of precast components.

Shuttering Magnets

Combined with our formwork girders, our patented magnetic technology offers the ideal solution for shuttering precast concrete elements quickly and precisely.

Battery Mould and Butterfly Formwork®

Stationary production of precast elements at 4 times the speed.

Low Cost Housing

The low cost house is the solution for quick developments and poor sections of the population that need quality housing. Government and aid agencies, which in crisis regions many refugees come forward or after a natural catastrophe and depend on quick first response help, can produce a quality accommodation with the low cost house.

Many satisfied customers

Our references

School building complex designed according passive house standard - ThermoPin®

The Swedish precast concrete manufacturer Torps Byggelement AB was commissioned to produce precast elements for a school building complex ("Paradis School" in Älmhult, Sweden). This project was to meet the passive house standard. After extensive research, they came across our ThermoPin and realized that this was the right product for their project.

Construction of a sophisticated outdoor area - Syflex®

During the construction of a sophisticated outdoor area for a Berlin-based insurance company, enclosures for green areas had to be formed.

A company from North Rhine-Westphalia opts for magnet and formwork systems from BT innovation

BETONT GmbH, based in Halle (Westphalia), specialises in the production of aesthetic and handmade design elements made of concrete. The production of the prefabricated concrete elements is carried out using modern equipment and technologies, whereby standard productions and also custom-made products are manufactured in the highest quality and with a great deal of expertise.

Headquarters of B.T. innovation GmbH in Magdeburg

During the construction of our headquarters in 2015, emphasis was placed on higher quality, lower costs and time savings. These demands were met by using a number of the company's own products, which were able to prove their quality and effectiveness in this project.

Consulting for the concrete industry

For professional consulting services in the construction and precast concrete industry.

More information

Smart and innovative production systems from a single source

Max-truder GmbH is a newly established company based on the combination of Weiler equipment and machinery with BT system solutions.



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Dates & Events


The Precast Show

In March 2022, an extremely important event will take place: The Precast Show. It is considered the largest trade fair for precast parts in the North... Read more

UzBuild 2022

For the 23rd time, UzBuild is back. The Uzbek building exhibition has enjoyed special attention within the construction industry for many years and... Read more