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certified and tested

High-quality and individual products

Sealants and Waterproofing

Simple and cost-efficient sealing on almost all substrates, even when moisture and low temperatures are present. Proven and approved a thousand times over.

Connecting Systems

Modern, easy to apply technologies for fast and effective assembly of precast components.

Shuttering Magnets

Combined with our formwork girders, our patented magnetic technology offers the ideal solution for shuttering precast concrete elements quickly and precisely.

Formwork Systems

Offers the ideal solution for shuttering concrete elements quickly and precisely.

Battery Mould and Butterfly Formwork®

Stationary production of precast elements at 4 times the speed.

Low Cost Housing

The low cost house is the solution for quick developments and poor sections of the population that need quality housing. Government and aid agencies, which in crisis regions many refugees come forward or after a natural catastrophe and depend on quick first response help, can produce a quality accommodation with the low cost house.

Many satisfied customers

Our references

Construction of a biogas plant - BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle)

In Jemgum the commissioning of a 75kW biogas plant was planned. In this project the BT-Spannschloss® was used to connect the prefabricated elements. The BT-Spannschloss® made a fast and problem-free assembly possible with an average assembly time of only 20min per element. This shortened the assembly time from three days to one day. The BT-Spannschloss® was able to meet the high static requirements without any problems. Just 2 months later, the system was put into operation by its owner.

Flood Protection System Wittenberge - BT-Spannschloss® and RubberElast®

The high water level posed a special challenge in Wittenberge. This problem was solved with a combination of BT-Spannschloss® and RubberElast® for a flood protection system.

Construction of a multi family building in Gaimersheim - SynkoElast®

Sealing of working joints between floor slab and element walls in house building

Concreting in construction phases – SynkoElast®

SynkoElast® shuttering profiles were used for concreting a large floor slab in several construction phases. The profiles were fixed to the reinforcement and the concrete of the first construction phase could be filled in. After removing the protective tape, concreting could continue immediately.

Consulting for the concrete industry

For professional consulting services in the construction and precast concrete industry.

More information

Machines and equipments

Max-truder GmbH is a newly established company based on the combination of Weiler equipment and machinery with B.T. system solutions.



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KazBuild 2019

Visit us at the international construction exhibition KazBuild in Almaty – the major exhibition for builders in Kasachstan. We are presenting our... Read more

Fair for company contacts at the University Magdeburg-Stendal

Visit us at the 17th fair for company contacts of the University Magdeburg-Stendal. Read more

Internship fair for the professional integration of migrants

Visit us at the internship fair for the professional integration of migrants in the conference center of the IHK Magdeburg. Read more

Bauma 2019

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