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B.T. innovation GmbH welcomes Saxony-Anhalt Minister of Economic Affairs Sven Schulze

Magdeburg, 31.01.2024 – We are delighted about the visit of the Minister of Economic Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt, Mr. Sven Schulze, to B.T. innovation GmbH. During his visit, the Minister was given a comprehensive insight into our innovative technologies and research activities in the precast concrete industry.

During the tour, we gave the Minister a detailed presentation on how BT is testing different materials to enable reusable complex formwork for architectural concepts. We also presented a research facility that enables us to test various formulations and materials, with a focus on processes and real applications for industry.

The visit by Economics Minister Sven Schulze is a good opportunity for us to present our pioneering approaches in the construction industry. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to promoting the regional economy and implementing sustainable construction projects.

We also showed the Minister some of our products under development that are specifically designed to meet the current market demand for innovative solutions.

We would like to thank Minister Sven Schulze for his visit and the valuable discussions.

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