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Flood protection of house and property

Water can quickly become a threat. People who live by rivers or the sea know about the danger of flood tides. Increasing average temperatures are also causing extreme weather situations such as heavy rainfall and thus flooding. These weather extremes cause the water level of rivers and streams to rise in a very short time. Timely protection is then very valuable. For flood protection, BT innovation provides you with numerous products that ensure secure sealing of joints and stable connection of precast concrete elements in house and flood protection walls.

BT sealing products are excellent for this purpose:

  • Protect house and property from high and pressing groundwater
  • Reliably seal joints as a precaution or in case of damage
  • Securely connect precast concrete parts already during the assembly of components

In this way, BT products offer reliable protection against water pressure and other weather-related influences.

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Protective measures for community and property

Flood protection is usually organized by the municipality. For the most part, protective walls are built permanently or temporarily for this purpose. To protect residents and their properties along rivers and the sea, BT innovation has a wide range of proven and tested sealing products that provide secure joint sealing for all variants of flood protection walls.

In addition, BT innovation also offers you its own system for flood protection:

You can use the BT turnbuckle® to connect precast concrete walls and seal them securely with RubberElast® or InnoElast® Type 2. This flood protection system has been protecting the city and countryside on the Elbe and Baltic Sea for years.

Take precautionary protective measures when building a house

But also a house construction should be well planned in every respect. Whether in flood zones or not, excessive amounts of water have become a problem for all homeowners. Because floods come regularly and often without warning. Therefore, you should take individual flood protection measures already during the construction of your building.

The biggest weak point in a house is the cellar. This part of the building is not only susceptible to flooding, because rising groundwater can also press against the cellar sump and leak out. In addition, you should also make sure to seal your doors and windows properly. A flood could cause major damage to household goods, furniture or personal documents stored there. For sealing all joints in house construction, we offer a wide range of proven and tested sealing products.

Joint sealing during the assembly of components

It is fast and effective, especially in flood protection, to seal the components immediately during assembly. This is achieved by the self-adhesive RubberElast® and MultiElast squeeze joint tapes from BT innovation.

  • RubberElast® and MultiElast are pressed against the first component by hand.
  • Then the next component is applied, and the tape is compressed in the joint.
  • For horizontal joints, the dead weight of the upper component is usually sufficient; for vertical joints, aids such as the BT Turnbuckle® are required.
  • Immediately after installation, the joints are watertight.
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Both RubberElast® and MultiElast squeeze joint tapes from BT innovation offer you reliable protection against water under pressure and other weather-related influences. If the components are to be sealed only after assembly, this can be done safely with the proven InnoElast® Type 2.

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Connection system for precast concrete elements

In combination with the BT turnbuckle®, the precast concrete elements can be joined dry and quickly. With the easy-to-use joining system, precast parts can also be joined without additional filler materials and auxiliaries. Different sizes are available depending on your needs: M12, M16 and M20. The respective version of the turnbuckle consists of three essential components: the BT turnbuckle®, the washers and the hexagon bolts.

The BT turnbuckle® is considered a unique fastener whose load-bearing capacity is given immediately after bolting, as well as making it universally applicable. These include, among others, the assembly and connection of angular supports and shaft elements or in ceiling and wall connections in residential and social construction.

The BT turnbuckle® allows for certain dimensional tolerances of the joints and precast concrete elements involved. In addition, the anchor’s tensile force transfer must be guaranteed and the minimum screw-in depth of the screw must be complied with. The turnbuckle can be installed with RubberElast® or MultiElast regardless of weather conditions, even at low temperatures and in precipitation.

Our tips and tricks

When carrying out renovation work, it is advisable to pay attention to weather conditions. Because in order to carry out works on protective walls, on cellar walls or on the facade, calm and dry weather is advantageous (leakage search, concrete works). With BT innovation products, repairs can subsequently be carried out even in bad weather.

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