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School building complex designed according passive house standard - ThermoPin®

The Swedish precast concrete manufacturer Torps Byggelement AB was commissioned to produce precast elements for a school building complex ("Paradis School" in Älmhult, Sweden). This project was to meet the passive house standard. After extensive research, they came across our ThermoPin and realized that this was the right product for their project.

Construction of a sophisticated outdoor area - Syflex®

During the construction of a sophisticated outdoor area for a Berlin-based insurance company, enclosures for green areas had to be formed.

A company from North Rhine-Westphalia opts for magnet and formwork systems from BT innovation

BETONT GmbH, based in Halle (Westphalia), specialises in the production of aesthetic and handmade design elements made of concrete. The production of the prefabricated concrete elements is carried out using modern equipment and technologies, whereby standard productions and also custom-made products are manufactured in the highest quality and with a great deal of expertise.

Butterfly Battery® Mould in operation at Beton-Fertigteil-Union in the Schwarzwald region of southern Germany

The precast concrete manufacturer Beton-Fertigteil-Union (BFU), based in Schramberg-Waldmössingen in Baden-Württemberg, has established itself in the market as a manufacturer of precast concrete parts with a strong combination of innovative construction ideas and high quality. BFU produces precast concrete parts - ceilings, walls, stairs, custom components - and structural precast concrete parts - columns, beams, balconies, sandwich panels and architectural precast concrete elements.

In Use in Germany's largest project with an advanced wood hybrid construction

In a current project, more precisely the Siemens Campus II in Erlangen, the ring anchors are manufactured by using the BT turnbuckle. The Siemens Campus II includes five buildings with around 70.000 square meters of gross floor area. The buildings have five to seven floors. Groups with five BT turnbuckles M12 are used throughout to form the ring anchor.