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Technologien und Beratung für den Betonbau - B.T. innovation

Technical advice for simple as well as state-of-the-art production technologies in the precast concrete industry

Extensive practical experience and the implementation of product developments for the precast industry help our interdisciplinary consultants to find customised solutions for the individual goals of our customers.

The service modules analysis, planning, consulting and realisation include all necessary steps to create sustainable competitive advantages, from the objective evaluation of the actual situation of precast plants, process optimisation within the plants and effective personnel planning to the realisation of a turnkey precast plant.
Close cooperation with a wide range of manufacturers and users over many years makes the consulting team real experts in the industry.
Clients benefit in many ways from this great insider knowledge and can be confident of receiving the best possible advice.

Expertise, experience and internationality

Our experienced consultants are specialists in the field of precast concrete production. Engineering expertise coupled with international practical experience ensure the competitiveness and performance of any company in this industry. We let clients participate in the in-depth knowledge of our advisors. The planning and realisation of efficient precast plants is one of our daily tasks. We have been able to gather construction technology expertise in over 70 countries around the world, which is why the successes of the projects we have realised are also spread across the globe. We not only know the specifics of the European markets, but also those of the international markets.

Together for success - solutions from a single source

Our consultants support your project from the beginning to the final phase. They are the “interface” between clients and suppliers. Every responsibility and every process is clearly defined. Depending on your business plans and wishes, you will receive both complete solutions and individual, modularised consulting services from our consulting portfolio. It is part of our philosophy to offer you solutions from a single source, from the briefing discussion to the completion of the project, and to realise them from a single source if desired.

Timeliness and independence

It is common knowledge that knowledge in technology-related industries only has a short half-life. This circumstance also applies to the precast concrete industry. Therefore, the continuous knowledge development and training of our consultants is part of our daily business. Through our diverse cooperation with technical universities, we are always aware of the current trends and fashions, but also of solutions that have (proved themselves) in practice. For customer-specific problems, we are also able to implement “non-industry-specific” solutions. Our consultation always takes place independently of the machine builders. We are a solution-oriented consulting firm that puts the client’s needs first and is committed only to the client’s goals.

Transfer of knowledge and technology

Building our own construction industry with in-house experience and expertise

  • Proven and modern technology for efficiency and high product quality
  • Training local managers and skilled labour
  • Use of local materials and resources
  • Customised and localised solutions based on actual market conditions
  • Prosperity in the construction sector as a driver for numerous industries
  • Maintaining and improving the value chain in the country

The aim is to transfer technology and production know-how to enable people in the target countries to build their own houses using local materials and human resources, thus creating maximum value added and employment opportunities in the respective country.

  • Structural systems for housing projects
  • Design optimisation for industrial production of elements
  • Prefabricated equipment design and optimal layout
  • Turnkey design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Training, supervision and support in the initial phase of operation

Who are our clients?

Precast plants

Structural and civil engineering

Facilities, institutions, private individuals

This is what our consulting process looks like


You would like to invest in a new plant or in new production technology?

Then feasibility and economic viability are our priority. Through several years of working in engineering offices and personal experience in various precast plants, we have the know-how for the planning of new and the optimisation of existing production plants.

It does not matter whether the production facilities are simple and predominantly manual or highly automated. Feasibility studies and analyses of economic efficiency and productivity accompany planning, as does constant dialogue with clients and suppliers.


You don’t think external help will really get you anywhere?

Then we’ll prove you wrong: we’ll help you select suppliers and machines. During the construction phase, we take over the supervision and we accompany you during the commissioning, so that you reach your planned goals as quickly and safely as possible. But we also support you long after commissioning, e.g. through continuous employee training, through the regular assessment and optimisation of company processes and through the integration of future-oriented maintenance and servicing concepts.


You think things are not running smoothly in your company?
We analyse the processes and workflows in administration and production with the aim of holistically optimising the organisation and information flow, avoiding redundancies, and identifying and preventing potential sources of error.

Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your system?

We analyse your plant equipment, your machinery and plant technology, but also the qualification of your employees and show you ways to increase the productivity, the quality and the profitability of your plant.


Would you like to invest in a new plant or modernise an existing one?

And you want everything from a single source? No problem. We not only do the consulting and planning, but also supervise your new plant construction and conversion as general contractor up to the turnkey handover. And if you wish, we can look after your staff in all areas well beyond that. Because we know from experience that even a well-planned plant will only perform properly if the employees are well motivated and trained.


Max Bögel Precast Plants
Realisation of a multifunctional plant with pallet circulation for solid walls, sandwich walls, double walls, Wood-concrete composite elements and other flat precast elements as general planner.
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Attacus Betonghushus AB

Construction of a circulation plant for the production of solid walls.

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Beton-Fertigteil-Union - BFU

Greater automation of the production process and higher precision in the implementation of the individual production steps.

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