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Technologien und Beratung für den Betonbau - B.T. innovation

Innovative technologies for the construction industry

B.T. innovation GmbH – Innovative and reliable for 30 years

What once began in 1991 as a regional wholesaler for building products has today developed into an internationally recognised company that brings solutions and products for future-oriented construction to construction sites and precast concrete plants. BT innovation has customers in over 70 countries worldwide, is at home at international trade fairs and cooperates with trading partners in all important markets.

Firmengebäude B.T. innovation GmbH in Magdeburg

Our services range from the development and distribution of innovative products and technologies for the construction and precast concrete industry to consulting. Our international team, consisting of experienced sales specialists and engineers, develops and markets the products and solutions worldwide. The high number of international industrial property rights, patents, product certifications and building authority approvals is proof of the successful development activities. We have already had 50 worldwide property rights recognised for our innovative product ideas, and more are in the process of being recognised. The high number of certifications, building inspectorate tests and approvals, utility models and patents, as well as the awards and prizes for our products, confirm us and spur us on to continue developing the future of building, because our name is our programme.

Products & technologies for the construction site

Our products for the construction site are characterised by pioneering solutions and easy handling. They have been specifically designed for use on site to allow easy installation with less labour and without high installation costs.

Sealants and Waterproofing

Our waterproofing products are the ideal choice for sealing fresh or hardened concrete. Whether joint or surface sealing, we have the right product for every situation.

Products & technologies for the precast concrete industry

Our wide range of solutions from the fields of magnet and formwork technology increases the performance and cost-effectiveness of every production. The patented products from BT innovation constantly redefine the status quo in the industry.

Butterfly Battery® Mould

Our patented Butterfly Formwork® enables the stationary production of precast concrete elements with up to 4 times the productivity. The Butterfly Battery® Mould combines the advantages of horizontal preparation with those of vertical production.

Low Cost Housing

Our “Low Cost Housing” concept offers affordable high-quality housing. A solid 36m² house made of concrete with a kitchen-living room, bathroom and two bedrooms, which can be built in 2 hours using the BT-Spannschloss®, is just one possible example of the concept.


As an independent and competent partner, BT innovation offers a wide range of consulting services for the precast concrete industry. The spectrum includes the analysis, planning and realisation of modern production plants. The company advises precast concrete plants that want to expand their capacities in a targeted manner or aim for higher quality in production, or can provide advisory support for planned investments and help to avoid bad investments. The experienced employees are specialists in the field of precast concrete production, have many years of international practical experience and engineering expertise.

Aura Aussenwirtschaftspreis

The team - interdisciplinary, practical and international

The international research and development team brings together various disciplines: from civil engineers to chemists, physicists and electrical engineers to mechanical engineers. This diversity of know-how brings new perspectives and new solutions to the market. The highly qualified employees are always looking to identify needs and weak points in production and on the construction site and to develop new products that resolve them.

The goal is to simplify and speed up work processes with high-quality products that are user-friendly and efficient.

The competences of testing institutes and universities from the large network are also used here at an early stage. The high number of patents and certifications, as well as all the awards and prizes for the products developed, confirm the path taken and spur us on to continue thinking about the future of building.

Our local commitment

We take our role in constructive social engagement seriously and want to lead by example. This applies equally to our business and social commitment. You can find some of our current projects here.

German Chess Federation

BT innovation is an official partner of the German Chess Federation and supports the organisation of the German Chess Championship Summit. What is important to us: Chess is rated highest among all sports in the categories of complexity, sophistication, strategy and intelligence.

Over 100,000 children regularly play chess at school. Chess is inclusive and brings people of all ages together regardless of language, origin or physical disadvantage. More under www.schachbund.de

SC Magdeburg Handball

BT innovation has been a sponsor of SC Magdeburg Handball for several years. For the 2021/2022 season, we have once again decided to support the players of SC Magdeburg’s 1st Handball Bundesliga team as a sponsor. More under www.scm-handball.de


For the second time, BT innovation is supporting the KUNST/MITTE contemporary art fair in Magdeburg. Artists are given the opportunity to present their works at this event. We are happy to contribute to promoting art and culture in Magdeburg. More under www.kunst-mitte.com

Our company building

During the construction of our representative new building in 2015, a lot of emphasis was placed on high quality, with simultaneous cost and time savings. These requirements were met by using a range of our own products, which were able to prove their qualities in terms of quality and effectiveness in this project. learn more about this project.

Explore the headquarters of BT innovation in Magdeburg, designed by architect Ralf Niebergall, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Architects.

BT Gebäude Video 2015
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