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Company from North Rhine-Westphalia relies on magnet and formwork systems from BT innovation

BETONT GmbH, based in Halle (Westphalia), specialises in aesthetic, handmade design elements made of concrete. The production of prefabricated concrete parts is carried out using modern equipment and technologies, which means that standard productions and also custom-made products are manufactured in the highest quality and with a great deal of expertise.

The company was looking for products that would make it easier to work in the precast plant and save more time when implementing projects. To this end, BETONT GmbH has opted to use a range of products from BT innovation, including MagFly® AP, MultiForm type 1 and type 2, anchor bar magnets, PE triangular bars and BT magnet stands.

Since this changeover, BETONT GmbH has been working exclusively with magnet and formwork systems from BT innovation and is very satisfied with the manageability and light weight of the magnets. The company’s managing director, Mr. Jerome Rasfeld, also emphasises the high quality of the products, the good price-performance ratio and the prompt delivery, and places particular emphasis on the good advice provided by the close and personal contact with the supervising sales representative.

The BT formwork system enables quick and easy shuttering of precast concrete elements. The MagFly® AP is ideally suited for use in precast concrete plants due to its very good magnetic holding force and its low weight. Its patented foot/spring system allows the magnet to glide effortlessly across the switch table when needed. As a result, the MagFly® AP offers flexible positioning of compatible formwork beams such as MultiForm formwork during production preparation.

Only when the MagFly® AP magnets are activated is the MultiForm fixed to the switch table. By attaching a PE triangular strip to the shuttering board, the joint between the shuttering table and shuttering board is sealed immediately when the magnets are activated. Subsequent sealing with silicone is thus not necessary and “bleeding” of the concrete is prevented. In addition, the formwork height of MultiForm formwork can be varied as required via exchangeable formwork boards.

The BT formwork system convinced BETONT GmbH above all with its flexibility in positioning the magnets and the fact that the distance between them can be determined by the user. The system proved to be very effective due to its low weight as well as the advantages of shuttering, stripping and storing the magnets in the BT magnet stand.

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