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Technologien und Beratung für den Betonbau - B.T. innovation

Personal and professional development

We specifically promote the professional and personal development of our employees. In doing so, we try to take into account the individual wishes of each person in order to qualify him or her optimally for the desired position and to deploy him or her according to his or her strengths. In order to ensure continuous further development, we hold staff development meetings once a year. Our managers also strive for continuous further development in our leadership workshop.


We have welcomed diverse cultures, languages, etc. for many years and stand for diversity, equality and tolerance. We promote a climate in which discrimination based on stereotypical role models has no place, in which cultural, religious and gender-neutral openness is encouraged among our employees and in which every team member is valued and can grow personally.

As a medium-sized company, we enable short decision-making paths with the help of flat hierarchies. We have a family atmosphere and the opportunity to work with different cultures.


Our mixed age structure offers the possibility of a sound exchange of experience and knowledge. Our goal is to use the diversity we have profitably for everyone and to learn from each other. Our team consists of over 50 highly qualified and experienced employees. We are particularly proud of:


Soziale Verantwortung der Unternehmen

We take our social responsibility seriously. With the promotion of gifted students, we support our skilled workers of tomorrow in the region around Magdeburg through the Germany Scholarship with the Magdeburg Stendal University of Applied Sciences.

Internationally, we aim to provide support for fast-growing and poor populations in need of quality housing with our Low Cost House.

Career opportunities for the young generation

True to the motto “Only those who get opportunities can seize opportunities”, we strive and are also interested in offering young people the chance of a professional future within the framework of an internship, part-time student work, practical vocational training, dual studies or a thesis.


Corporate health management

In the area of occupational health management, we cooperate with a health insurance company and offer various services in our house as a result of this cooperation, such as: Back school, sports courses, anti-stress seminars and relaxation courses.

In addition, we have a company health insurance policy for our employees with insurance cover without a preliminary examination or health check. Similar in character to private health insurance, with various additional benefits such as:

The statutory pension alone will soon no longer be sufficient to secure the standard of living in old age. That is why we make an effort to provide an additional pension: After three years of employment with the company, all permanent employees receive a company pension, which is financed by the employer. We offer weekly employer-funded massages and quarterly chiropractic treatments for our employees.

A regular supply of fruit free of charge is also a matter of course for us, because we are aware that only healthy employees can contribute positively to the success of the company. Our employees can also enjoy a variety of coffees and teas free of charge.

Wir für Umwelt und We for the environment and society

Modern workplace furnishings and equipment incl. high ergonomic standards, such as Height-adjustable tables and chairs. We guarantee a pleasant indoor climate all year round with our system of thermal component activation (room heating or cooling in the ceiling). Next to it, our modern office building presents itself with large windows and an automated Easy-Shadow system, which ensures optimal room lighting according to current lighting conditions. The fitness and massage rooms are regularly used for our balanced relaxation and fitness programme. For the daily commute to work, car parking spaces are available for all employees on our company premises, as well as a covered parking area for bicycles.


Reconciling family and career

We understand the private concerns of our employees and act flexibly when there is a need for action. We also have the possibility to use flexible working hours and home office through various working time models.

Paid time off for personal reasons, such as a holiday, for example. Birth of own children or wedding as well as small presents for special events are a matter of course for us.

Vision 2030

In order to offer the approximately 75 employees of the group of companies a perspective for the next 30 years, we have formulated the corporate strategy until 2030 in order to set out the guidelines for longer-term development. The core objective is to establish system solutions on the market that are intended to further promote series-modular construction and to respond to corresponding customer needs with innovative solutions in the future.

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