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Agrar-RubberElast is a joint tape for sealing prefabricated elements in agricultural construction (DIBt approval Z-74.51-208)


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Agrar-RubberElast is a joint tape for sealing prefabricated elements in agricultural construction (DIBt approval Z-74.51-208).

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Agrar-RubberElast is a joint tape for sealing prefabricated elements in the agricultural construction sector. The self-adhesive Agrar-RubberElast is simply glued onto the joint flank of the first component. When the next component is installed with the BT-Spannschloss®, the sealing tape is compressed in the joint and thus seals the resulting joint up to a filling height of 4 m. The Agrar-RubberElast joint tape system is approved for highly loaded joints in agricultural construction (JGS and biogas plants).

Fields of application of Agrar-RubberElast

Questions and answers about the product

1. what formwork heights and lengths can the formwork have and are special solutions possible?

The standard length of the trays is 3025 mm, however, if required, the length of the trays can be adjusted individually. The MultiForm Alu system is available in heights from 68 mm and can thus be used for formwork heights from 7 cm. It has already been successfully tested for formwork heights of up to 80 cm. Special solutions are also easily possible with the MultiForm Alu. Whether angled shells or other adaptations our production adapts the shell exactly to your needs. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right MultiForms for your application.

2. how do I seal the formwork so that my concrete does not “bleed”?

When using a wooden formwork facing with a PE triangular strip, it is normally not necessary to seal additionally. Due to the contact pressure of the shuttering magnets, the air gap between the shuttering table and the shuttering is automatically closed when the magnets are activated and “bleeding” is prevented.

How many magnets do I need to fix the scarf?

Our recommendation is to generally use one magnet per metre. However, this is only an approximate value, as various variables have an influence on it: the sheet thickness of the steel table, the evenness and cleanliness of the steel table, the concrete used, the element dimensions, the filling height, the production position (horizontal or vertical), ….

How do I connect two bowls together?

If two MultiForm formwork panels are to be joined together, the formwork panel is overlapped and screwed on normally from behind. The formers are then joined and ready for production. With the standard length of 3,025 mm, the magnetic pockets are distributed in such a way that both shells can be connected at the joint by means of a magnet.

Is the MultiForm compatible with laser systems or shuttering robots?

Yes, the MultiForm formwork beams are compatible with laser measuring systems. Use with semi-automatic positioning aids such as formwork manipulators is also possible if required. Only the shuttering is not compatible with fully automatic shuttering robots, but our U- and H-profiles can be used for this purpose.

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