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Permanent sealing of tanks and mobile silos in JGS plants


What does this product have to offer?

Agrar-SynkoElast is an internal joint tape for sealing construction joints in in-situ concrete structures, which impresses with its quick and easy installation.

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Product details

Agrar-SynkoElast must be laid on concrete that has set for at least 7 days (primer required). After that, construction can continue with in-situ concrete. During concrete curing, concrete and Agrar-SynkoElast tape bond together, stopping water penetration. The joint created between the concreting steps is sealed securely and permanently by the Agrar-SynkoElast.

Agrar-SynkoElast is used for the sealing of storage and filling facilities with substances that are generally hazardous to water, e.g. JGS and biogas plants, slurry tanks, mobile silos, fermentation feed silos, waste water plants, etc. In addition, Agrar-SynkoElast is a joint sealing system approved by the DIBt building authorities (Z-74.51-184).

Fields of application of Agrar-SynkoElast

Questions and answers about the product

1. Do the joints need to be cleaned?

Yes, the joint flanks must be free of dust, grease, loose components, ice and other separating materials. However, the joint flanks may be damp without a visible film of water.

2. does Agrar-SynkoElast require a primer when subsequently applied to the concrete?

Yes! A primer is applied to the concrete and, after flash-off, heated to such an extent that the Agrar-SynkoElast fuses with the concrete when pressed onto it.

3. Does Agrar-SynkoElast quill or shrink?

No, because Agrar-SynkoElast is not a swelling tape and remains stable in its shape. It seals by creating a strong bond between the tape and the concrete.

4. at what temperatures can I install Agrar-SynkoElast?

Agrar-SynkoElast should be installed on ice-free surfaces between 0°C and +35°C. Storing the tape at room temperature until shortly before installation makes it easier to process.

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