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Universal sealing for construction joints and component joints - MultiElast

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What does this product have to offer?

MultiElast is a self-adhesive, bitumen-free waterproofing tape against water under pressure in structural work for both construction joints and component joints.

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Product details

MultiElast is a multi-purpose sealant for construction joints and for precast elements. The MultiElast can be laid directly into the fresh concrete to seal construction joints. As a self-adhesive squeeze seal, it is glued onto the joint flank of a prefabricated part/component. When the next component is installed, the sealing tape is compressed in the joint and thus seals the resulting joint up to 10 m water column.

Fields of application of MultiElast

Questions and answers about the product

Do I have to connect MultiElast to the reinforcement? (construction joint sealing in-situ concrete)

No, because MultiElast can be pressed into the still fresh concrete during concreting.

What tools do I need to lay MultiElast in fresh concrete? (Arbeitsfugenabdichtung in Ortbeton)

None. MultiElast can be easily pressed into the fresh concrete by hand.

How do I prepare the fresh concrete? (construction joint sealing in in-situ concrete)

Only smooth the fresh concrete in the area of the tape, do not rub it smooth.

4. does MultiElast quill or shrink? (construction joint sealing in in-situ concrete)

No, because MultiElast is not a swelling tape and remains stable in its shape. It seals by creating a strong bond between the tape and the concrete.

Do the joints need to be cleaned? (Compression seal prefabricated parts)

Yes, the joint flanks must be dry and free of dust, grease, loose components and other separating materials.

When can MultiElast be loaded with water pressure? (Compression seal prefabricated parts)

It does not react chemically with other substances but, once properly compressed, can withstand water pressure.

7. at what temperatures can I install MultiElast? (Compression seal prefabricated parts)

MultiElast can be installed between -5°C and +40°C as a pinch seal. At low temperatures, MultiElast becomes slightly stiffer and harder to compress. Storing the tape at room temperature until shortly before installation makes it easier to process.

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