Headquarters of B.T. innovation GmbH in Magdeburg

During the construction of our headquarters in 2015, emphasis was placed on higher quality, lower costs and time savings. These demands were met by using a number of the company's own products, which were able to prove their quality and effectiveness in this project.

The four-storey building has a net floor area of 1,800 m2 and a gross volume of 7,227 m3. All exterior walls consist of multi-layer precast concrete parts with a top layer of sandstone-coloured concrete. "Instead of the 5 days planned for the placement of standard concrete components per storey, we only needed 3," explains Mr von Limburg, "The crane and the team that assembled it cost € 5,000 per day. The two days saved per storey alone made €10,000, and with 4 storeys, that's a savings of € 40,000."

BT-Spannschloss® (turnbuckle)
During the construction our new building, all precast parts, both on the outside and inside, were connected with BT-Spannschloss turnbuckles. BT turnbuckles were also used to assemble the precast concrete parts for the lift shaft. Two BT-Spannschloss® turnbuckles M20 were mounted on the inner support frame through the recess for each wall joint. Since the walls were installed without grouting and the consequent waiting times, construction time was reduced by two days per floor. The reduction in installation time also reduced overall costs as a 120 t crane had to be used for the assembly.

Joints in the concrete foundations were sealed with SynkoElast®. This enabled the replacement of formerly used joint tapes or metallic waterstops. The result: secure waterproof concrete joints accompanied by savings of approx. 30% due to faster and simpler assembly.

The outer layer and the load bearing frame of the multi-layered exterior wall were connected using ThermoPins. These GPR approved anchors significantly reduce heat loss in the insulating layer as the ThermoPin® prevents thermal bridging. Moreover, this product reduces costs by approx. 25% in comparison to stainless steel anchors.

RubberElast® was used to seal precast wall joints together in the basement. This resulted in a shorter assembly time and an approximate savings of 20% in material costs when compared to an externally visible sealing membrane.

All exterior precast wall joints were sealed with InnoElast® C sealing in a colour made specifically for this construction project. InnoElast C can be used without a primer and replaces sealants completely. Costs were reduced by approximately 30%.

Vertical joints in areas in contact with the soil were sealed with ProElast® strips and InnoElast® Type 1. This system is especially durable and can withstand high mechanical loads.

The floors of the utility rooms were sealed using LiquidElast® type P. The main benefit of using LiquidElast® was that a single layer of application was enough unlike other coatings that require multiple applications. Furthermore, LiquidElast® type P is very durable. The material costs were reduced by over 15% and work time was significantly minimized.

Syflex® was used to in the assembly of the large circular sliding doors for the entrance area of the building which made the formwork construction faster. In addition, the formwork is reusable. The result: approx. 50 % cost savings in comparison to wooden formwork.