Syflex® in traffic route construction

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Construction of a roundabout in Freienbrink - Syflex® in traffic route construction

In Freienbrink, a roundabout with road connection was constructed under the management of AS+BE Asphalt- und Betonstraßenbau GmbH. The patented Syflex® formwork system from BT innovation was used for this project.

The system allows the forming of straight lines, curves and corners with a minimum of work and is also reusable many times. Another advantage of Syflex® is the so-called memory effect of the formwork boards, which are made of a special PE plastic. Syflex® largely returns to its original shape after demoulding. Traffic route construction projects and foundations can be optimally realised with the Syflex® formwork system. Furthermore, the product has proven itself many times over in garden, landscape and container construction, as well as in use as stair and slab edge formwork.

Learn more about this project here.

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