Residential and commercial building – Syflex®

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Residential and commercial building - Syflex®

A suitable formwork system was sought for the construction of an architecturally sophisticated residential and commercial building in Ahlbeck, just a few steps away from the Baltic Sea. The special feature was the unusual shape of the building. Due to the largely round outer shell of the structure, a flexible, reusable formwork was sought for the foundation slab, ring beams, slabs and balcony slabs.

Conventional formwork systems made of wood, steel or prefabricated modules are usually too inflexible, labour-intensive or cost-intensive. The most effective solution to this problem is called Syflex®. The construction company RECA Bauplan & Projektentwicklung GmbH decided to use this formwork system. Syflex® is easily installed. After setting the bracing (earth nails, formwork blocks or boards), the Syflex® formwork profile is simply leaned against the bracing and fixed to it by means of an eccentric. Syflex® adapts to every curve and even radii of 2 m are possible. The 5 m long formwork boards can be lined up in any length.

Subsequent alignment of the top edge of the formwork is also easy by simply loosening the eccentrics, levelling them and tightening them again. Due to the memory effect of the formwork boards, made of a special PE mixture, Syflex® largely bends back to its original position after demoulding.

The formwork has only one third of the weight of a conventional wooden formwork and so transport is also possible without a crane. Lintels and ring beams were also formed with Syflex®. The result is a high-quality and exciting building, comfortable working conditions and extremely fast construction progress.

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