H profile

The shuttering system for massive and sandwich walls, facades, parapets - H profile

The H profile is characterised by permanently integrated magnets. The magnets are activated by a firm pressure from above and deactivated by a lever. The H profile is suitable for fully automatic systems. The production of the H profiles is made on customer's request in different lengths and heights and as well as with longitudinal and frontal chamfers.

We also offer solid formwork and develop the optimal solution according to your specifications. The respective systems are produced and supplied according to customer requirements in various dimensions and geometries. For easier handling, we also offer the gripper (handling device) specially designed for the solid formwork.



  • Different magnetic models with button
  • Different dimensions (height/width/length)
  • With or without chamfers
  • Optionally with uptake feature for robots (e. g. gripper)
  • Application as longitudinal and transversal shuttering



  • Easy to use, manually as well as with the robot
  • Easy cleaning
  • Permanently integrated magnets with high adhesive force
  • High quality materials 



  • Solid walls
  • Double walls (sandwich walls)
  • Facades
  • Parapets


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Do you have questions?

1. Are the shutterings compatibles with laser systems or shuttering robots?

Yes, both shutterings can be used with laser systems and shuttering robots. The automated storage via recesses on the side is also possible.

2. Is it also possible to use the shutterings without robots?

Yes, the shutterings can also be used without mechanical support.

3. What sizes of shutterings (height, width, length) are available?

The U-profiles are available in a shuttering height of up to 10 cm. H-profiles start at a shuttering height of 6 cm and can be up to 35 cm high in their massive version. The length generally depends on the customer’s requirements.

4. Are the shutterings suitable for vertical production?

H-shutterings are suitable for the use in a battery mould.