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The shuttering system for massive and sandwich walls, facades, parapets and more

H-Profil Schalter Produktbild

What does this product have to offer?

The H-profile is characterised by permanently installed magnets. The magnets are activated by a firm pressure from above and deactivated by a lever. The H-profile is suitable for fully automatic systems. H-profiles are manufactured on customer request in various lengths and heights as well as with longitudinal and end chamfers.

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Of course, we also offer you solid formwork and develop the optimum solution for you according to your specifications. The respective systems are produced and supplied in various dimensions and geometries according to customer requirements. For easier handling, we also offer the crane hook traverse specially developed for the solid formwork.

Areas of application of the H-profile

Versions of the H-profile

Questions and answers about the product

1. are the formwork U- and H-profiles – compatible with laser systems or formwork robots?

Yes, both formworkers can be used with laser systems and formwork robots. Storage can also be automated via side recesses.

2. is it possible to use the formwork without a robot?

Yes, the formers can also be used without machine support.

3. which formwork dimensions (height, width, length) are available?

The U-profiles are available up to a formwork height of 10 cm. H-profiles start at a formwork height of 6 cm and can be up to 35 cm high in the solid version. The length is generally based on the customer’s specifications.

4. are the trays suitable for vertical production?

H-formworkers are suitable as formwork for use in battery formwork.

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