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Flexible formwork system MagFlex® for any curves with a radius of 35 cm or more

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With the flexible MagFlex® formwork system, any curves from 35 cm radius can be formed. Thanks to its individual components, the formwork can be assembled and set up effortlessly by one person. Special holding magnets with MagFly® technology ensure exact positioning and a secure hold.

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By comparison, the conventional construction of round or semi-circular formwork in particular is very time-consuming. Most of the formwork is made of wood, and the construction of the formwork requires experienced and well-qualified personnel. Often the series factor is small, so that output is low and shuttering areas and personnel are tied up for a disproportionately long time. With the combination of high-alloy spring steels and modern magnetic technology, it has been possible to offer a system that reduces the working time for producing a formwork with a finished crack to around 10 minutes. MagFlex® offers flexibility, reusability, easy handling, robustness and high dimensional accuracy in equal measure and thus meets all the requirements of modern formwork.

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