Magnet type PL/E

Magnet type PL/E

The PL/E clamping magnet consists of a stable plastic housing with a high strength magnetic package. This magnet also offers our MagFly® technology which makes handling so very easy.

The magnet can be pushed along the steel table with ease and precisely positioned; after applying light pressure it applies its full magnetic force. Releasing the PL/E is done simply by operating the eccentric  bracket with the hand or foot.

So the type PL/E becomes a multi-talented partner for a broad range of applications. Ideal areas of use are for example shuttering supplements and window or door recesses in wood or aluminium. Because of its
low weight and exceptional handling, the PL/E magnet can also be used as a supporting magnet for other purposes. For example the most widely varying shuttering can be fixed without major expense by simply screwing onto the plastic housing.


  • Fast and economical working with MagFly® technology
  • Simple release by hand or foot with the eccentric bracket
  • Low weight and therefore easy handling
  • Ideal as a supporting magnet for fixing shuttering


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