Magnets for Electrical Sockets

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Allow empty boxes from various manufacturers to be fixed to the formwork table

Magnet Type E

The magnet type E enables the fixing of different empty boxes from different manufacturers.

Magnet Typ E Produktbild

What does the magnet type E offer you?

In this electric box magnet, an elastic rubber disc is screwed onto a GB magnet. When the type E magnet is inserted in the electrical box, the rubber washer is pressed against the GB magnet by means of a few turns of the screw, thus achieving the process-suitable clamping onto the electrical box. A tolerance of approx. 2mm can be compensated for.

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MagFly® Magnet Type E

The MagFly® magnet type E enables the fixing of various empty cans from different manufacturers.

MagFly Magnet Typ E

What the MagFly® magnet type E offers you ?

The MagFly® magnet type E is an electrical box magnet with MagFly® technology and infinitely adjustable to different sizes of electrical boxes. The size and shape adjustment (between Ø60mm-Ø 75mm) is done by means of the four laterally adjustable springs. When not activated, the magnet can be freely positioned on the formwork table. The magnet is activated by MagFly® technology only when pressed firmly and fixes the electrical socket in the desired position.

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Magnet type GB 52 for Kaiserdosen

The magnet type GB 52 is an electrical box magnet for fixing electrical boxes from Kaiser.

Magnet Typ GB52

What the magnet type GB 52 for Kaiserdosen offers you ?

The magnet type GB 52 for Kaiser boxes consists of a PE body and a magnet. The high fitting accuracy between the PE body and the electrical box ensures a clamping suitable for the process. The magnet that can be screwed to the PE body enables Kaiser electrical boxes to be positioned on magnetic formwork tables.

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Magnetische Adapter aus additiver Fertigung

Adapter of individual shape screwed with suitable magnet for fixing empty boxes

MEX Magnetadapter Produktbild

Customised 3D printing solution for e-can magnets

What does the magnetic adapter from additive manufacturing offer you?

By using the MEX process from additive manufacturing, adapters of individual shapes can be produced. By screwing them with a suitable magnet, these bodies can be used as adapters for empty boxes as well as tubes, as recess bodies or also as inclined pull recess plates for shaft anchors and much more. In case of wear, only the bodies of the adapters need to be replaced. Der Magnet ist wiederverwendbar.

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