Magnets for Electrical Sockets

Magnets for Electrical Sockets

The magnets for E sockets enable fixing of sockets of various manufacturers on the switchboard.

Magnet Type E

The magnet type E enables the fixing of various empty sockets of different manufacturers.

In the case of this electric socket magnet, an elastic rubber washer is screwed onto a GB magnet. When the type E magnet is inserted into the electrical box, the rubber washer is tightened against the GB magnet with a screw, thus achieving the process-suitable grip on the electrical box. In this process, a tolerance in the circumference of approx. 2mm can be compensated.



  • Adaptation to circumferences: Tolerance in circumference of approx. 2mm can be compensated for
  • cost-effective and resource-saving: rubber washer can be replaced when worn / magnet can be reused
  • exchangeable rubber attachments allow use with different empty sockets
  • easier positioning compared to the adhesive version / no adhesive residues


MagFly® Magnet Type E

The MagFly® magnet type E enables the fixing of various sockets from different manufacturers.

The MagFly® Magnet Type E is an electrical socket magnet with MagFly® technology and is infinitely adjustable to different sizes of electrical sockets. The size and shape adjustment (between Ø60mm-Ø 75mm) is made by means of the four laterally adjustable springs. When not activated, the magnet can be freely positioned on the switch table. Only when pressed firmly is the magnet activated by MagFly® technology and fixes the electrical socket in the desired position.



  • Simple and precise positioning, as the magnet is first positioned on the switch table and then activated by pressing it firmly in place
  • Size and shape can be changed by lateral springs, which are used for infinite adaptation of the magnet to different empty sockets (Ø60mm-Ø 75mm)
  • MagFly® magnet type E does not have to be glued to the switch table, so there are no glue residues

Magnet type GB 52 for Kaiser sockets

The magnet type GB 52 is an electric socket magnet for fixing electric sockets of the company Kaiser.

The magnet type GB 52 for Kaiser sockets consists of a PE body and a magnet. The high accuracy of fit between the PE body and the electrical box ensures clamping suitable for the process. The magnet, which can be screwed to the PE body, allows Kaiser electrical boxes to be positioned on magnetic switching tables.



  • Cost-effective and resource-saving: PE body can be replaced when worn / magnet can be reused
  • magnet type GB 52 does not have to be glued to the switch table, thus no adhesive residues are created
  • easy positioning
  • high fitting accuracy for the use of electrical sockets of the company Kaiser

Magnetic adapters from additive manufacturing

Customized adapters screwed to a suitable magnet for fixing sockets.

By using the MEX process from additive manufacturing, adapters of individual shape can be produced. By fixing them with a suitable magnet, these bodies can be used as adapters for empty sockets as well as tubes, as recess bodies or also as oblique pull recess plates for shaft anchors and much more. In case of wear, only the bodies of the adapters have to be replaced. The magnet is reusable.



  • Cost-effective and resource-saving due to the use of the MEX process   
  • covers a wide range of customer requirements, as customized forms can be produced
  • can be produced at shorter notice
  • suitable for small series production
  • functional versatility, as rigid and flexible materials can be processed
  • ecological due to the reusability of the magnets
  • suitable for robot applications