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BT innovation headquarters

The highest standards were set for our company building even before it was built: Fast implementation and cost efficiency along with the guarantee of a pleasant indoor climate with low energy requirements. These requirements were met by using a range of our own products, which were able to demonstrate their properties in terms of quality and effectiveness in this building. Here you can get more information about the construction of our company building and the use of our patented products.

Our contribution to climate conservation:

  • Cooling and heating with ground-source heat pumps
  • Use of solar energy: photovoltaic system 34 kWp
  • High insulation values due to comprehensive thermal insulation
  • Low energy costs
  • Modern ventilation system
  • Energy saving through use of modern lighting technology
  • Use of concrete: Concrete is a natural material and 100% recyclable


Research & Development

In cooperation with our partners, BT innovation conducts basic research on the one hand and continuously develops new products and innovative processes for the concrete processing industry on the other.

Our current projects:

  • Development of products and processes for ecological sustainable construction

In our current project "modular innovative concrete floor panels for ecological sustainable construction" we are developing processes and technologies that enable a faster construction process in the production of floor slabs.

The core of the development is the change from successive work steps to parallel work steps for the production of a floor slab by relocating individual tasks, such as the concreting work, to a prefabrication plant. This allows high quality concrete elements to be manufactured regardless of weather conditions.

  • Development of automated and robot-assisted concrete component sealing

Within the framework of the "PrefabElast" project, sealants are being developed for automated sealing of joints in the construction sector. The sealing material must be adapted to the production process in terms of processing properties and machine suitability. The project involves tests on the use of sealants in mass production and the conceptual design / further development of application systems for sealants with a sensor system for automatic dosing. Based on the results, plant concepts for the integration of automated sealing in precast factories / module factories will be developed. The project results are to be presented to selected customers and further coordinated with them.

  • Development of products from biodegradable materials


Cooperation with associations, universities and research institutes

We are deeply involved with national and international trade associations and committees in order to deepen our know-how in structural and civil engineering.


Associations & Cooperations:

Affordable Housing concept to combat housing shortage in crisis areas

The "Low Cost House" project - a matter close to Felix von Limburg's heart - and the concepts for creating low-cost housing often influence the company's product development. Felix von Limburg developed it with his staff after travelling through India and Africa, where he repeatedly saw the simple and sometimes dangerous living conditions of the people.

MDR contribution on the Affordable Housing Concept to combat the housing shortage in crisis areas (Youtube)

"You simply need a fixed housing unit everywhere that can be locked," he says. The house, made of prefabricated concrete parts, is 36 m2 in size and can be erected within two hours. Mr. von Limburg wanted to give something back to the world from his entrepreneurial success and is receiving a lot of recognition for this concept.

I AM HOME 1.618 global alliance

The whole world is affected by the Corona pandemic and its drastic impact on all aspects of our lives. In many cases, there is an urgent need to build test stations, isolation chambers or temporary hospitals. Conventional construction methods cannot meet the speed and volume requirements. The solution, in this case, is the use of prefabricated structures. BT innovation is a member of the I AM HOME 1.618 Alliance and provides the low-cost housing technology and know-how. Here you can find out more about the I AM HOME 1.618 Alliance.


Digitalisation and sustainability

We invest in modern communication technologies and this is how it helps:

  • Saving costs by eliminating non-essential business travel: We offer our customers and partners user-friendly and high-quality video conferences and webinars.
  • Paperless work through the introduction of the DocuWare document management system.
  • Opportunities for more flexible, individual ways of working: Equipped with the right technology, many employees can do their tasks from home.
  • Use of digital communication platforms allows us to network globally and enables cultural exchange in the process.

Optimised logistics

We face up to our responsibility towards the environment: by investing in innovation and technology, by constantly improving our own carbon footprint, by using resources sparingly and by using the innovative and flexible logistics solutions.

  • Travel optimisation: Cost-effective routes are preferred
  • Optimisation of transport and storage space
  • Reduction of paper and packaging material
  • Recycling
  • Electromobility

Together against corruption

BT innovation puts honesty, fairness and professionalism first. We reject any form of corruption and place value on measures to avoid it. We promote open and respectful communication with our customers, employees and suppliers and thus create trust in our entrepreneurial practices.


Climate conservation: Bee conservation project

Bees are indispensable for our ecosystem. As pollinators of many plants, bees secure our food and the biodiversity of our ecosystem day after day. We at BT innovation want to protect them and preserve their existence. We have installed a beehive outdoors, close to a species-appropriate habitat, adjacent to woods and fields.