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Precast Concrete Plant

Increase productivity of your precast concrete plant by using our mature solutions in magnets, formwork systems and sealants.

Structural and Civil Engineering

Do you want to build rationally and safely? We have the right solutions in sealing and shuttering. Look and see economic viability of our innovative products.

Agricultural Construction

We offer you simple and cost-efficient system solutions for the construction of mobile silos, JGS (liquid manure, slurry and silage seepage) and biogas plants. Our approved products serve to connect and seal precast concrete elements and can accelerate your construction processes. In addition to products with DIBt approval for JGS and biogas plants, we also have tested building products for pressure-tight sealing of stables and cellars.

Planners, Architects

Here you can find uncomplicated important information for architects and planners like technical aids, test certificates and technical product information to download.