Serial modular construction with the “maxmodul” system

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Serial module construction with the "maxmodul" system - Butterfly Battery® Mould

The Bavarian construction group Max Bögl stands for innovative serial building concepts. With over 6,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 1.65 billion euros, Max Bögl is one of the largest German companies in the construction industry. The range of services and the depth of added value include our own concrete plants. In 2017/2018, the company invested in a precast plant for the serial production of modules for multi-storey residential construction. At the Mühlhausen site, the “maxmodul” system is now produced in serial modular construction.

The room modules for buildings up to the high-rise limit are assembled in the factory from prefabricated concrete elements. With the goal of achieving a maximum degree of prefabrication, the extension is carried out directly afterwards. The industrial environment enables controlled serial production with the highest precision. The modular construction makes production and assembly independent of the weather. Residual work on the construction site is minimised and construction times are significantly shortened. For the production of the maxmodul precast concrete elements, the Max Bögl Group relies on the technology of BT innovation, the Butterfly Formwork® and the Butterfly Battery® Mould.

Butterfly Formwork® is a removable and hinged bulkhead for battery formwork. With the use of butterfly technology, Max Bögl Modul AG combines the advantages of a classic battery formwork – namely formwork-smooth walls on both sides, compact working area for fresh concrete processing, high energy efficiency when heating the moulds and much more. – with the advantages of a horizontal pallet circulation system.

For the first time in the world, Max Bögl is using circulation technology in conjunction with battery formwork. For formwork tasks, the measuring of built-in parts, as well as the insertion and fixing of reinforcement, the Butterfly Formwork® is conveyed with friction wheel drives on fixed rollers to various cycle stations that are optimally equipped for the respective activities. The work is supported by laser projection equipment.

The stations for opening and closing the Butterfly Formwork®, as well as the magazines for the intermediate storage of prepared Butterfly Formwork® or Butterfly Formwork® with hardened precast concrete elements, work fully automatically. The control is taken over by a production master computer, which on the one hand supplies the individual machines with the necessary data and on the other communicates with the higher-level ERP system.

Concreting is also automated. The concreting process is also automated. The position of doors or windows is of course taken into account.

The entire plant was designed by the BT innovation consulting team, which also coordinated the development of additional project-specific special machines. The realisation was then carried out together with a renowned machine and plant manufacturer and a leading supplier of control technology.

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