UniForm® formwork system in use at the Dutch company Bisoton

Bisoton B.V., based in Ede in the Netherlands, decided on the UniForm® formwork System when expanding its production. The formwork system is particularly convincing through its effective flexibility and the speed of the production process.

UniForm® is a permanently usable formwork facing made of steel with a bolting mechanism on the reverse side. The main advantage is the rapid exchange on the BT-MultiForm formwork. The formwork girder system can, in turn, be precisely positioned with MagFly®AP magnets and fixed in place on the formwork table.

The BT formwork equipment was planned and delivered by BT’s Dutch partner Hakron-Terwa within the scope of equipping four tilting tables measuring 25 x 5 m each. Rapid erection of the formwork, fast positioning and activation of the MagFly® AP magnets ensure measurable time savings. Uniform® formwork sheets can be quickly fitted or exchanged . The chamfers convince through their high quality on the precast element and, last but not least, the consumption of wood for the formwork is enormously reduced. Consequently, waste disposal costs are substantially lowered and, as a result, the entire production is more environmentally friendly.

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