New construction of a silage clamp – AgrarElast

In August 2019, BT has successfully introduced a new product for the sealing of silage clamps on the market. With the new joint sealant AgrarElast JGS plants (animal faeces, slurry, manure, silage juices) and biogas plants can now be reconstructed and repaired. Also, joints of new constructions like silage clamps, fodder fermenting silos, and storage plates for solid manure can be sealed. The sealant with the appropriate primers A(sphalt) and B (for Beton – concrete) is approved by the German DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) with the number Z 74.62-176. All combinations of joints between concrete and asphalt can be sealed with AgrarElast.

“A elements” were used as retaining wall panels for the new construction of a silage clamp on a farm in Waging, in Upper Bavaria, District Traunstein. After setting the retaining wall panels, the joints were sealed with the AgrarElast system. AgrarElast was easy, fast, and reliable to process

For the joint sealing system AgrarElast you can find more information as well as application examples, possible uses and an introduction of professional sealing on the product page of AgrarElast.