Waterproofing a mountain lake in the Alps with InnoElast® Type 2

In the course of the last 2 years an interesting project was realized in a magnificent setting. Mr. Oggier from Conthey, Switzerland, wanted to beautify the surrounding area of his mountain hut, which is located between Lake Geneva and the Matterhorn. He had the idea of constructing a small mountain lake.

To cover the ground, he used old conveyor belts made of rubber. When he wanted to find out how he could successfully connect the joints of the belts and at the same time seal this area against pressing water, he came across InnoElast® Type 2, thus finding the perfect solution for his project.

After cleaning the conveyor belts, he was able to start his work despite the low temperatures in the first months of 2020 and bond and seal the rubber with the help of the sealing product. As a result, Mr. Oggier was able to fix and secure the edges of the lake, so that after filling the pit, the final result of the mountain lake was soon to come. What is remarkable is that he was able to carry out the whole project on his own without much previous experience and without having to call for the help of professional service providers.