Pallet circulation system for the production of solid walls

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Pallet circulation system for the production of solid walls - Consulting

At the beginning of 2017, Attacus Betonghus AB from Sweden commissioned BT innovation with the planning for the construction of a modern, upgradeable circulation system. A particular challenge was to design the desired circulation system for the existing hall, as a large part of the hall has a basement.

The pallet circulation system was to be designed for special products for the Swedish market. These are primarily sandwich walls with fully fitted windows, doors and ventilation units. Furthermore, all circulation-compatible precast concrete parts that are additionally required for the system houses are to be produced in the plant. The focus of the investment was therefore on the most economically expedient equipment of the plant for the portfolio described above.

“Since Attacus’ previous production of wooden houses focused on standardised work processes, this was a clear requirement for the planning of the new circulation system. This concerned both the optimisation of the concrete elements as well as many details in the circulation system and the adjacent work preparation areas,” explains Bernd Schreyer, the planner responsible for this project at BT innovation. “The climatic conditions as well as the specifications due to the existing halls, especially the partial basement, were additional challenges that had to be taken into account.”

With the new circulation system, Attacus has set the course for the future at the Hammerdal site. Attacus is thus able to offer both system timber and concrete houses on the Swedish market. The significant increase in the quality of the concrete houses contributes to being able to implement demanding customer wishes in a high-quality, flexible and satisfactory manner.

Companies involved

B.T. innovation GmbH was responsible for the overall concept, planning and coordination. Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH from Altheim supplied the circulation pallets and the entire machine technology. The circulation control and visualisation also come from the Sommer company. The laser projection system, the formwork and the magnets were part of the scope of services provided by B.T. innovation GmbH.

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