New construction of a residential and commercial building

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New construction of a residential and commercial building - SynkoElast®

For the new construction of a residential and commercial building in Magdeburg’s Domquartier on Breiten Weg, the construction company Toepel Bauunternehmung GmbH was faced with the following challenge: The basement walls had to be built on an approx. 1800 m² in-situ concrete floor slab from October to December 2017.

The floor slab of the building comprised two sections with different heights. A lower underground parking area and an area about one metre higher with tenant cellars. The two height sections of the floor slab were concreted in October 2017 in two sections with water-impermeable in-situ concrete. The proven SynkoElast® from B.T. innovation GmbH was laid as a roll directly into the fresh in-situ concrete to seal the construction joints both between both areas of the floor slab and between the floor slab and the walls. The great advantage of this construction method with SynkoElast® compared to the metal water stops is the quick installation without tools.

SynkoElast® predetermined cracking profiles were inserted into the vertical joints between the double wall elements and connected to the SynkoElast® in the floor slab in the footing area. Thus, a closed seal was realised with SynkoElast®.

Learn more about this project here.

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