GRP composite anchor for sandwich panels – ThermoPin®

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GFRP composite anchors for sandwich elements in large industrial construction project - ThermoPin®.

The BACHL group of companies has decided to use the ThermoPin in a large industrial project involving a production and research facility for analytical equipment for water management by Xylem Analytics Germany in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria. 6,500 ThermoPins were installed in sandwich elements at the BACHL concrete plant in Röhrnbach. These were then delivered to the construction site in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria.

The ThermoPin® was able to convince with its product properties and its simple application: It enabled a production-simplifying rescheduling of the elements. The senior project manager Franz Galster commented as follows: “Normally we are limited to 6 m in production when dimensioning facing shells, but with the ThermoPin® 8 – 10 m was possible without any problems, so another joint was not necessary.” This made it possible to reduce the costs for the overall construction. The ThermoPin® also scored particularly well in a direct comparison with alternative stainless steel and flat anchors. When using these, problems often occur with higher insulation thicknesses, which could be completely avoided with the ThermoPin®. The precast plant was interested in a solution that would save time by making work easier and was able to find such a product in the ThermoPin®.

Learn more about this project here.

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