Flood protection system for Heiligenhafen

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Flood protection system Heiligenhafen - BT-Spannschloss® and RubberElast®

A quick and visually appealing solution had to be found to protect a holiday resort from flooding. Thanks to BT innovation’s combination of joining and sealing technology, coloured concrete elements could be joined quickly, so that the construction site soon disappeared and the idyll was restored.

In the popular tourist seaside resort of Heiligenhafen in Schleswig-Holstein, a flood protection wall made of precast concrete elements with connection and sealing technology from BT innovation was built in 2014 to protect a high-quality holiday complex. In order to meet the visual requirements and to adapt the flood protection wall to the overall appearance of the idyllic area, colour pigments were added to the concrete and it was thus permanently coloured. Since then, the result can be seen there – a visually appealing and reliable solution.

A few metres further on, also at the Heiligenhafen marina, a similar solution was chosen a year later. This protective wall was also connected to the BT-Spannschloss® and sealed with RubberElast®. Only the colouring of the concrete was not necessary here, because the concrete elements blended perfectly into the overall picture due to their high quality production. The structure was erected within a very short time using the innovative flood protection system, so that the construction site could be cleared again quickly.

BT flood protection system

The patented flood protection system consists of a dry connection for precast concrete elements (solid flood protection walls), the BT-Spannschloss® and the RubberElast® squeeze tape seal. During assembly, the RubberElast® is glued to the component. The application is done by light pressing without primer or other preparatory work. After removing the protective strip, the adjacent component is placed. The BT turnbuckle is used to connect and align it, strongly compressing the sealing tape. The resulting component joint is thus permanently sealed against water penetration. No joint grouting is necessary with a BT-Spannschloss® joint. This means that the structure can be loaded immediately after bolting. In addition, the installation can also take place at low temperatures or in precipitation without any problems. The RubberElast® sealing tape can also be installed in adverse weather conditions down to -10°C. With this convenient flood protection system, up to 50 metres of flood protection walls can be erected in just one day. The advantages of this prefabricated construction are obvious: weather-independent prefabrication, rapid assembly and visual design options.

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