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Stationary production of flat precast concrete parts

Klassik Kipptisch bei B.T. innovation

What does this product have to offer?

Klassik tilting tables are among the well-known and popular equipment for the production of flat, single- or multi-layer precast elements, as they allow safe and easy stripping in a vertical position.

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Klassik tilting tables are basically designed for the production of precast concrete parts in various shapes and thicknesses. The tilt function enables faster and safer striking of the panels in an (almost) vertical position. The tipping system consists of a series of hydraulic cylinders driven by hydraulic power packs with power supply. To compact the fresh concrete, the tables can be equipped with electric or pneumatic vibrators. All hydraulic, electric and pneumatic equipment is selected from proven German quality brands.

For faster curing of the concrete and depending on local weather conditions, the tables can be equipped with the necessary piping for connection to a heating source, such as water or thermal oil.

Our tilting tables can be equipped with permanent formwork on one long side (bottom) and/or two cross sides. In addition, a variety of magnetic tools and formwork options are available from the BT product portfolio. In standard tilt tables, the vibration dampers are located between the table structure and the foundation. This largely compensates for inaccuracies caused by cylinder movements and/or asymmetrical loads on the table.

Areas of application of the Premium Tilt Table

To be used individually, in a group of tilting tables or as part of a complex prefabrication system.

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    Load & dimensions

    Length in m
    Width in m
    Load capacity (in kg/m²) Choose the thickness of the formwork sheet Delivery time notice Maximum width = 3,5m - Maximum length = 12m (short delivery time) Maximum width = 4m - Maximum length = 14m (delivery time on request)

    Side formwork

    Height adjustable and foldable side formwork (height in mm)
    Fixed height of the edge formwork (optional on request)
    Mounting position of the edge formwork

    Vibration / Heating / Hydraulics

    Choose the type of vibration
    Choose the type of heating
    Choose the shape of the hydraulic control

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    Stationary production of flat precast concrete parts ...
    Klassik Kipptisch bei B.T. innovation

    Classic tilting table

    Stationary production of flat precast concrete parts ...

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