GFRP spacer bar

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Guarantees dimensionally accurate production of core-insulated double walls

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What does this product have to offer?

The GRP spacer is a profiled rod made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The spacer guarantees dimensionally accurate production of core-insulated double walls.

Your advantages

Product details

Due to the profiling, the bar achieves high pull-out and punch-through resistances.

The ends of the rod are partially injected so that the ends are tapered, but the rod still has a central contact surface and thus does not bend sideways. The centric load means that the spacer does not deform in height and no oversize needs to be planned. Furthermore, the taper at the end serves a quick and easy penetration into the fresh concrete, as larger aggregates are simply pushed aside.

The surface visibility of the bars is barely present due to the tapering at the end. The rod has a high resistance to alkalis.

Areas of application of the GRP spacer

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GFRP spacer bar


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