Securing anchor made of glass fiber reinforced plastic for thermal decoupling of insulated walls - ThermoPin®

The ThermoPin® securing anchor system is a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) connecting anchor for sandwich walls and core-insulated double walls.

The ThermoPin® securing anchor system is used to connect facing and load-bearing layers for core-insulated concrete parts. The GFRP material is suitable for use in narrow structural elements. Thanks to the attached cap, the bar slides smoothly into the fresh concrete, enabling particularly fast assembly. The fixed plastic ring guarantees correct installation and ensures that the fastening point in the insulation is sealed and concrete cannot flow into the opening. As a result, the bar ultimately disappears in the concrete and is not visible on the surface.
The result is perfect surfaces without visible flaws. ThermoPins® feature conical openings at the ends to increase resistance to pulling out. A particularly high tensile strength is achieved by using exclusively complete and intact glass fibres along the axis rod.

The general technical approval (Z-21.8-2055) and the European Technical Assessment (ETA 19/0498) certify the reliability of the product. The ThermoPin® securing anchor system is available in 2 designs: horizontal or diagonal anchor type.

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The advantages of the ThermoPin at a glance:

  • Good value – low assembly costs  thanks to simple and fast installation
  • Durable – proven stability, also in alkaline media
  • Thin – structures with a low layer thickness are possible
  • Sandwich walls
  • Core-insulated double walls