Sealed Concrete with a Joint Tape for Construction and Predetermined Crack Joints - SynkoElast®

SynkoElast® is a simple to prepare, internal joint tape on a polymer bitumen base. Used in construction and crack control joints in waterproof in-situ concrete structures.

SynkoElast® can be applied both to fresh concrete and set concrete (primer required). Unwanted water circulation is prevented by the solid connection to the surrounding concrete. In case of contact with water, SynkoElast® does not swell, which means it can be laid during rain, or even be applied to narrow structural components without fear of concrete spalling. It also provides a durable seal in fluctuating water levels. With SynkoElast®, we offer simple and quick-to-use sealing solution that will save you time and money.

SynkoElast® has been tested for general building approval at a water pressure of up to 2 bar.


  • Water pressure-tight up to 2 bar
  • Processing from 0°C to +35°C
  • No swelling in contact with water
  • Resistant to weather, acid, lye and salt



  • Construction and crack control joints in in-situ concrete
  • For concreting the floor slab in multiple sections
  • Element wall joints in combination with crack control joints and shuttering elements
  • Connection of set concrete with in-situ concrete
  • Connection of the floor slab to the wall and for wall and ceiling connections


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Do you have questions?

1. Does SynkoElast® swell or shrink?

No, because SynkoElast® is not a swelling tape and remains stable in its shape. It seals by means of a fixed connection between tape and concrete.

2. Do I have to connect SynkoElast® to the reinforcement?

No, because SynkoElast® is pressed into the fresh concrete when concreting.

3. What tools do I need to lay SynkoElast® in the fresh concrete?

None. SynkoElast® can simply be pressed into the fresh concrete by hand.

4. Can I also apply SynkoElast® to the concrete later?

Yes! A primer is applied to the concrete and, after flashing off, heated so that the SynkoElast® fuses with the concrete when it is pressed on.

5. At what temperatures can I install SynkoElast®?

Like concrete, SynkoElast® should be installed between +5 °C and +35 °C. SynkoElast® is stiffer at lower temperatures. The tape will be easier to process if it is stored at room temperature until just before installation.