Construction Formwork for Curves and Edges for the use with In-situ Concrete - Syflex®

Straight lines, curves and corners can be created with ease using the flexible shuttering system. Syflex® is the ideal solution for slabs, edge and strip foundation formwork.

The Syflex system consists of a formwork plank and system eccentric, which can be quickly fastened to or detached from a beam (using a ground spike or similar). It is manufactured with a special plastic, which making it flexible and light. Because of the properties of the materials, Syflex is excellently suited to curves, corners, and straight lines. You can view the application of Syflex® system in our product video.

Profile sections provide extra lightness and enable two planks to be connected via a connection system. The smooth surface and flexibility of the formwork support allow it to be reused several times.


  • very high reusability (cost minimization) 
  • quick assembly and disassembly (time saving
  • super light elastic material
  • individual moulding by cutting
  • fast amortisation


  • Slab, edge and strip foundation formwork 
  • Slab edge and ring-beam shuttering
  • Bordering
  • Silo construction
  • Roundabouts


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Do you have questions?

1. What are the Syflex® shuttering elements measurements?

The Syflex® shuttering elements have a length of 5 m and can be customised on-site. They are available in heights of 100 mm, 150mm, 200 mm and 300 mm. With the Syflex® shuttering elements, total shuttering heights of up to one meter are doable.

2. What radii can be delineated with Syflex®?

Radii upwards of 2 m are feasible with Syflex®.

3. What accessories and tools are needed?

Earth nails or shuttering blocks (Earth nails up to 30 cm shuttering height, after that shuttering blocks), Syflex® system excenter, plastic pipes to connect the shuttering elements, hand-held circular saw or table saw, electric screwdriver and screws.

4. What distance should the reinforcements have?

The distances between reinforcements depend on the total height of the shuttering and the maximum allowed deflection when concreting. You can find an overview in the technical data sheet of the product.