The low construction of the formwork system and the magnets integrated in it enable efficient production of concrete elements with low wall thicknesses.

With its low overall height, the ScrewFrame is equipped with multiple magnets which are activated and deactivated individually via a screwing system. To allow for even faster work, an electric screwdriver can be used. The magnets have a high adhesive force (6000N or 12,000N depending on formwork length) and ensure high stability during concreting. After activating the magnets, the screw can be removed so that smoothing devices can be used without problems or any interfering elevations. 


  • Versatile – multiple measurements feasible
  • Fast – activation and deactivation of magnets via electric screwdriver
  • Efficient– saves time and materials; re-usable


Use for filigree elements during their manufacture on tilting tables, carousel systems and surface conveyors