Shuttering of precast concrete elements fast and precise with a steel formwork - MultiForm

MultiForm is a robust and flexible shuttering support system for producing the various precast elements.

Using MagFly® magnets, MulitForm can be moved easily on the formwork table and positioned precisely. As the MagFly® AP presses the MultiForm onto the formwork table, the joints are sealed as soon as the magnets are activated when a PE chamfer profile is used. Additional sealing with silicone is therefore unnecessary.

A window and door opening suitable for MultiForm offers a clever solution for enclosed openings in concrete elements. Using elements that can be taken out from the inside of the structure, the shuttering can be removed non-destructively for reuse. The built-in socket for the MagFly® magnets enables fast and precise assembly and disassembly of the shuttering. You can view the application of MultiForm in our product video.



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    Do you have questions?

    1. Which shuttering heights and lengths can the shutterings have and are custom solutions possible?

    The shutterings have a standard length of 3025 mm, however, the length of the shutterings can be adjusted individually if necessary. The MultiForm system is available in heights from 68 mm and therefore can be used for shuttering heights from 7 cm. It has been successfully tested for shuttering heights of up to 80 cm. Custom solutions are also possible with the MultiForm. Whether you want angled shutterings or other adjustments, our production can tailor the shutterings specifically to your needs. We will gladly advise you in the choice of the correct MultiForm for your use case.

    2. How do I seal the shuttering so that my concrete doesn’t “bleed out”?

    When using wooden formwork facing with a PE chamfer profile, it is usually not necessary to seal it further. Through the shuttering magnet’s contact pressure, the air gap between formwork table and shuttering is automatically closed when activating the magnets, which prevents “bleeding out”.

    3. How many magnets to I need to fix the shuttering?

    We generally recommend using one magnet per meter. However, this is only a reference value, as multiple variables have an influence on it, for example: the sheet thickness of the steel table, the concrete being used, the smoothness and cleanness of the steel table, the filling level, the position of production (horizontal or vertical), …

    4. How can I move large MultiForm shutterings?

    MultiForm shutterings from a height upwards of 40 cm should preferably be moved with a crane for work safety reasons. Therefore, shutterings of this height are equipped with transport eyelets as a standard. Alternatively, the use of transport vehicles is also possible. Should workers be able to move the shutterings on their own, the up to 70% lighter MultiForm Alu should be used.

    5. Is the MultiForm compatible with laser systems or shuttering robots?

    Yes, the MultiForm formwork girders are compatible with laser measuring systems. The use with semi-automatic positioning aids such as shuttering manipulators is possible if necessary. The shuttering is only incompatible with fully automatic shuttering robots; however, our U and H profiles can be used for that.