MultiForm is a robust and flexible shuttering support system for producing the various precast elements.

Using MagFly® magnets, MulitForm can be moved easily on the formwork table and positioned precisely. As the MagFly® AP presses the MultiForm onto the formwork table, the joints are sealed as soon as the magnets are activated when a PE chamfer profile is used. Additional sealing with silicone is therefore unnecessary.

A window and door opening suitable for MultiForm offers a clever solution for enclosed openings in concrete elements. Using elements that can be taken out from the inside of the structure, the shuttering can be removed non-destructively for reuse. The built-in socket for the MagFly® magnets enables fast and precise assembly and disassembly of the shuttering. You can view the application of MultiForm in our product video.

    The advantages of the MultiForm formwork at a glance:

    • Can be used quickly and ergonomically
    • No sealing with silicone between the formwork shell and the formwork table
    • Stable and robust system - designed for use in precast plants
    • The window and door openings can be disassembled from the inside
    • Manufacturing solid and sandwich walls
    • Manufacturing landing slabs, beams and joists
    • Use on tilting table, formwork table, circulation palettes and wooden surfaces


    Place the formwork shell in front of the MultiForm formwork beams and connect
    them to the formwork beams from behind using short screws.



    Apply the MagFly® magnets.



    Slide and position the shuttering on the formwork table.



    Fasten the magnets depending on the position of the shuttering.

    UniForm® is a continuously usable formwork facing made of steel for fastening to the MultiForm type 2.

    The UniForm® shutterings are made of steel and therefore offer extremely high material resistance. Sawing, unscrewing and throwing away worn shuttering strips is outdated with UniForm® shuttering sheets. The quality of the formwork elements improves in the long term, for example through cleaner and straighter chamfer formations on the element.

    The multiple reuse goes along with flexibility due to a simple attachment system compatible with MultiForm Type 2. The permanently usable steel formwork facing is simply screwed to the MultiForm Type 2 using Dywidag threaded rods attached at the rear according to the respective formwork height. A chamfer can be added to the top and/or bottom of the sheet if required by the customer.



    • Stable and robust system designed for the use in a precast plant
    • Long term quality improvement
    • High reusability
    • Permanently saving material
    • Fast and flexible application