MagFly® universal magnet

MagFly® universal magnet

The MagFly® universal magnet is equipped with the patented MagFly® functionality and can be used for many applications.

Two M16 x 1.5 threaded holes are available as standard for mounting adapters and accessories. In addition, different adhesive forces, sizes and designs ensure that the appropriate holding magnet is available for different applications. Alternative thread positions and sizes are available on request. MagFly® universal magnets can be used at ambient temperatures up to 80° C. Special heat-resistant versions are available on request, e.g. for temperatures up to 120° C (type H) or 150° C (type SH). High-quality materials and the torsion-resistant design ensure an extremely long service life.



  • Extremely light and easy positioning
  • Precise fixing by light hand pressure
  • Easy visual control
  • Exact installation without additional tools (= longer product service life)
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Compact design without steel boxes or casings
  • Full utilization of the magnetic holding force
  • Flexible use due to large number of special adapters



  • Shuttering magnet for pallet circulation systems and tilting tables
  • Shuttering for walls and beams etc.


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