The MagFlex® flexible shuttering system allows any desired rounding from a radius of 35 cm. Thanks to its individual components, the shuttering can easily be assembled and set up by a single person. Special magnetic solenoids with MagFly® technology ensure precise positioning and a secure holding.

To compare: currently the conventional construction of circular or semi-circular formwork is very expensive and timeconsuming. It is predominantly done with wood and the construction of the shuttering requires experienced and highly qualified personnel. Often the series factor is low, which means that output is also low and forming areas and personnel are taken up for a disproportionately long time. With a combination of high-alloy spring steels and modern magnet technology we have managed to offer a system which reduces the time it takes to produce formwork with the outline complete to around 10 minutes. MagFlex® offers flexibility, reusability, easy handling, robustness and high precision in equal measure and thus meets all the requirements of modern shuttering.


  • The individual components mean easy handling, effort-saving transport and space-saving storage
  • Very fast completion of special formwork constructions
  • Easy to position and adjust with the spring and eccentric lever components and robust fixing mechanism
  • Very economic on account of speed, reusability and the considerable reduction in waste as compared with conventional shuttering


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