GFRP spacer bar

GFRP spacer bar

The GFRP is a profiled spacer made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. The spacer guarantees accurate production of core-insulated double walls.

The profiling of the GFRP spacer ensures increased pull-out and punch-through resistance.The ends of the bar are partly injection-moulded so that the ends are tapered, but the bar retains a central bearing surface that does not twist laterally as a result. The central load keeps the spacer from deforming in terms of height, and no excess dimensioning needs to be planned.
Furthermore, the tapering at the end allows fast and simple penetration into the fresh concrete, since larger aggregates are simply pushed aside.

The bar is hardly visible on the surface thanks to the taper at the end. The bar is highly resistant to alkaline substances.


  • Energy efficient - no thermal bridges in the construction thanks to low thermal conductivity
  • Powerful - high pull-out and punching shear resistance due to profiling
  • Good value - low assembly costs thanks to simple and fast installation  
  • Durable – proven stability, also in alkaline media  
  • Compatible – the perfect addition to the ThermoPin® securing anchor system



  • core-insulated element walls (double walls)
  • residential & commercial construction, single or multi-storey

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