FlyFrame® is an ultra-strong yet very sturdy shuttering beam made of hardened and special-coated aluminium.

The wood or chipboard shell can be screwed in from behind, so that the shell surface itself remains free of damage or screw heads. Large openings on the back of the FlyFrame® make it possible to attach diffi cult-to-install parts from the back. In order to meet the demand for lighter weight and the associated easier handling, the adhesion magnets and shuttering beams are not fi rmly connected or even bolted together. The magnets are simply suspended from the rear into the shuttering beam according to the tried and tested principle. Together with magnets, the shuttering can be precisely aligned before being permanently fi xed by pressing down the MagFly® AP magnets. This makes the system easy to operate, very flexible and extremely economical. You can view the application of FlyFrame® in our product video.


  • Extremely light!
  • No handling cranes necessary!
  • Fast, precise work
  • Form heights up to 16 inches can be realized
  • MagFly® technology
  • No screws between the magnet and formwork - magnets are simply mounted in
  • Reduction in working time and material for formwork
  • Fast return on investment
  • Version available for the formwork handling system


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