Butterfly Formwork®

Butterfly Formwork®* is an especial bulkhead partitions for battery moulds. It consists of two formwork panels which are connected to each other using a robust hinge.

The preparation process can be done centrally in one station, or similar to circulating pallet systems in several working stations. After finishing the preparatory tasks, the Butterfly Formwork® is again lifted, folded and transported into the battery mould.

Butterfly foldable formwork combines the advantages of recumbent preparation and upright casting of reinforced concrete elements. All the preparation steps are carried out much more effectively in a horizontal status: from measuring with laser projections (or marking with plotters), to setting the necessary formwork shutters, placing the embedded parts, and exact positioning the reinforcement meshes or cages; a reliable and useful work concept in circulating pallet systems, tilt-up tables or stationary table production methods. Fixing patterned matrices (to form the exposed face of concrete) for instance is much less sophisticated in horizontal mounting than upright setting.

With a patented Butterfly Formwork®, BT innovation has developed the Butterfly Battery® mould. In this system, the setting-up time is noticeably shortened because of parallel preparation of elements in the formwork surfaces out of battery mould. Once preparation is finished, the butterfly form is lifted and two sides are folded together, exactly like the wings of a butterfly!


By moving the butterflies into the battery mould, horizontal preparation position is changed to a vertical casting cell in which the concreting takes place. Once the crane hook is released, the butterfly is inside the battery mould and provides two pouring compartments. The end products as solid and sandwich walls, façade or balcony elements are prefabricated with all sides smooth face; not a single preparatory activities is necessary inside the tight battery mould’s cells.

Using butterfly formworks inside the battery mould makes its setting up time much shorter and therefore, production can happen in a shorter time. As another positive factor, removing the elements together with the butterfly formworks makes it possible to start opening the battery mould when precast elements have reached a strength of almost 3 to 8 N/mm2. They will be stored outside of battery mould to get harder and then demolded from the butterflies. This procedure has enables our customers to reach up to 4 casting rounds in 24 hours which brings remarkably higher capacity. Moreover, it is possible to increase the number of concreting cycles even further by using a duplex battery mould.


The foldable two-sided butterfly form can be also utilized as a replacement for a tilting table. In this case, both preparation level and pouring concrete are done in a lying position, exactly like a table prefabrication. With butterfly as a tilt-up table, it is possible to lift the formwork to a specified level, fix the tilted structure and detach the elements from the form.

 This additional feature enables production of other precast elements which are basically done in a two-step prefabrication. It is easily possible to cast the façade layer of a sandwich walls horizontally on a Butterfly Formwork®, install the insulation material, and later produce the load bearing concrete layer inside a battery. In this two-step process, end product will have again 5 fairfaced surfaces.

* BT innovation distributes the Butterfly Formwork® and Butterfly Battery® for stationary applications on the basis of an exclusive license from NEULANDT GmbH.

Advantages of Butterfly Formwork®:

  • Unique and patented system, successfully in use by market leaders.
  • Combination of advantages in both horizontal and vertical prefabrication methods.
  • Production capacity increase up to 3 times in comparison with tilt-up tables
  • Lower area requirements in comparison with table production
  • Lower investment requirements in comparison with tilting tables and circulating pallet systems
  • Reduction in production costs of precast elements up to 40%
  • Efficient and affordable heating systems due to compact design of casting cells.
  • 5 side fair-faced concrete elements
  • Jointless and monolithic formwork sheets up to 12m x 4.5m
  • Tailored and customized dimensions and setup design available.
  • High flexibility for solid walls, slabs, façade elements, and balcony parts.
  • Compatibility with laser projection systems in preparation phase, in contrast to standard battery moulds
  • Possibility to be adapted to circulation systems in preparation steps, using trollies and wheel drives.
  • Possibility to produce all other panel-shaped elements as boundary walls, partitions, etc.
  • Wide range of additional tools and accessories available using BT magnet and shuttering solutions.
  • Competent professional consulting service available to recognize and realize clients’ actual demand.