Battery mould circulation system

Automation of battery formworks

The centre of the circulation system is formed by a butterfly battery® mould. The butterfly formwork® is prepared in a horizontal position in a circuit around the battery formwork at specialised stations and then automatically hung into the battery formwork. This doubles the capacity of the battery formwork.

At the centre of the circulation system is a battery formwork with mounted bulkheads. The battery formwork is equipped with butterfly formworks, which doubles the capacity of the battery formwork, as two concreting chambers have now been formed in the bulkhead due to the use of the butterfly formwork®. 

The butterfly formwork® is prepared lying down in a circulation around the battery formwork, at specialised stations. This technique allows the flow of goods through the production facility to be kept lean and the butterfly formwork® to be prepared in short cycle times.

The butterfly formwork®, prepared lying down, is automatically guided through the production facility and mounted in the battery formwork.

After bracing the battery formwork, it is concreted. Once the concrete has hardened, the precast concrete elements together with the butterfly formwork® can be removed from the battery formwork, even before it has reached its lifting strength, which means that the battery formwork is available for several repositionings per day.

With this technology, butterfly formwork® is prepared quickly and accurately, and the battery formwork is loaded quickly. As a result, the capacity and productivity of the battery formwork are multiplied.

If an additional bypass station is created, in which prepared butterfly formwork® can be temporarily stored partially concreted, the accessibility of sandwich walls in the battery formwork is also possible without any problems.


  • Formwork-smooth main visible sides of the precast concrete elements
  • Highly precise precast elements for immediate use or modular building  
  • Highly productive battery formwork
  • Compatible with common robot technology (laser, formwork robots, mesh welding machines, etc.)  
  • Production of sandwich walls with formwork-smooth main visible sides
  • Optimised ware logistics along the production line


Production plant in a precast factory