Basic tilting table

Stationary production of flat precast concrete elements

Robust and smooth steel surfaces with a stable substructure are economically attractive solutions for simpler applications. The tilting function can be performed with overhead cranes (or similar).

Tilting pallets (Basic tilting tables) are basically designed for the production of precast concrete elements in various shapes and thicknesses. The tilting function enables faster and safer stripping of the elements in an (almost) vertical position.

At the customer's request, it is possible to supply the pallets without hydraulic system in order to reduce costs. In this case, other solutions such as overhead cranes or mechanical devices can be used to bring the pallets into a (relatively) vertical shape. The stripping of the precast elements can then be done more safely.

Optionally, the tables can be equipped with other functions such as vibrators and heating devices.

Similar to the other two product variants, the tilting pallets can be provided with permanent formwork on one longitudinal (bottom) side and/or on two transverse sides. Likewise, a variety of magnetic tools and formwork options are available from the BT product portfolio.

In tilt pallets, vibration dampers are located between the table structure and the foundation. As a result, the inaccuracies caused by the tilting system and/or asymmetric loads on the table are not compensated and balanced. This can lead to higher tolerances in the final product.

This type of tilt-up system is used for the prefabrication of:

  • Solid walls
  • Floor elements
  • Road slabs


  • Flexibility in terms of product types
  • Cost effective solution for simple applications
  • Less maintenance required (in the manually tiltable version)
  • Tailor-made and customized based on your requirements and constraints
  • Available in various shuttering thicknesses and load capacities

Areas of application:

For use in simple precast plants or for outdoor (field) production.

For the production of various flat plate products such as:

  • Solid walls
  • Floor elements
  • Road slabs

Tilting table configurator