Sealing of silage clamps in JGS plants (animal faeces, slurry, manure, silage juice) with AgrarElast

Due to new legal environmental regulations, especially the regulation AwSV (Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water, effective since August 1st, 2017), silage clamps must be specially sealed.

For the reconstruction and new construction of plants to store and fill animal faeces, slurry, manure and silage juice (JGS plants) – silage clamps, fodder fermenting silos, and storage plates for solid manure as well as biogas plants, it is only allowed to use construction products which have the technical construction approvals.

In order to meet the high requirements for permanent sealing of JGS plants, the joint sealant AgrarElast is subject to regular product monitoring and material tests. AgrarElast is also a joint sealing system that is technically approved by the German DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) with the number Z 74.62-176.

The product, developed by BT can be used reliably for the sealing of joints in JGS and biogas plants. AgrarElast is used to seal microbiologically and acid contaminated joints for areas with composting and fermentation processes. With this system, silos, storage, tanks, storage plates for solid manure made of concrete and asphalt can be sealed. The system is suitable for expansion joints and is characterised by its high temperature resistance.

AgrarElast consists of a system, the AgrarElast itself for sealing joints and the primers A (for asphalt) and B (for Beton – concrete). Primer A is suitable for asphalt, asphalt concrete and bitumen. This product is a set of the components A and B. Primer B is suitable for concrete, metal, and glass.


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