Permanent sealing of tanks and mobile silos in JGS plants with Agrar-SynkoElast

Agrar-SynkoElast is an internal joint tape for sealing construction joints in in-situ concrete structures, which convinces by its quick and easy installation.

Agrar-SynkoElast must be applied onto at least 7 days old hardened concrete (primer required). Afterwards the construction can be continued with in-situ concrete. During the concrete hardening process, the concrete and Agrar-SynkoElast tape will bond together so that the penetration of water is stopped. The joint created between the concreting steps is safely and permanently sealed by Agrar-SynkoElast.

Agrar-SynkoElast is used to seal storage and filling plants with generally water-hazardous substances such as JGS and biogas plants, liquid manure tanks, mobile silos, fermentation feed silos, sewage plants, etc. Furthermore, Agrar-SynkoElast is a joint sealing system approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) (Z-74.51-184).


Your advantages:

  •     Quick and easy installation
  •     Resistant to liquid manure, slurry, silage leachate, acid, alkaline solutions and salts
  •     Processing from 0°C to 35°C
  •     Water pressure resistant up to 4 m water column
  •     No swelling in contact with water
  •     DIBt approval (AbZ No. Z-74.51-184)


Application areas:

  •     JGS plants and biogas plants
  •     Solid Dung Disks
  •     Mobile silos, silos for fermenting fodder
  •     Sewage Treatment Plants


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